FLYing Makes Sense to Me Now

Dear Friends,
Hidden Treasures was written by my sister Paddi, her daughter Jessica, and their friend Ken Hartley. Currently, Hidden Treasures is available in paperback and on Kindle through Check out this beautiful story and jump right in to FLY.-FlyLady

Dear FlyLady,

I loved this book. I have been reading and attempting to be a Flybaby for years and struggle with it still. After reading this book, it makes more sense to me, and I am once again working on flying (Finally Loving Yourself) which I really needed.

If you struggle to balance life, home, kids, etc, it is worth the read. Well written and gives life to the characters. I am reading it again.


 Final Close-Out        

This is our final countdown. We have to get the warehouse cleaned out! You have a few days to get the last of our   12 oz Water Bottles. They are $10.00.
You have till October 10, 2015. Get them now because on October 11, 2015 they will be out of the warehouse.
Get them while supplies last! If you have not gotten your calendar yet; take care of that too.
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