August Habit #26 One Load Don’t Do It

Dear Flylady

I have not got your system completely down pat, but I definitely have got a few routines happening now that make life much easier!

Our washing machine takes fairly small loads, and my husband’s clothes get VERY dirty each day, so one load a day doesn’t do it for me.

Since I started fluttering a couple of years ago, I have been using the “delay start” button on my washing machine…. And now every single night I have a load set to be finished before I get up in the morning!

I have also flung my perfectionism enough to be accept a 30 minute wash as good enough for most of our washing;  a lot of it isn’t really that dirty, so in the morning I get up, empty the clean clothes out of the machine, and get most of the rest of my washing done on the 30 minute setting.  This has made a huge difference to my days!!  No more doing 2 or 3 loads of washing throughout the morning / day at an hour or more each!

As for my husband’s clothes, I always do them on the ‘heavy’ cycle, which takes about 3 hours.  So I do them overnight, every 2nd night, on delay start.

God bless the person who invented the “delay start” button!

And God bless you for helping us perfectionists to get up and just do something!  I still have so far to go but it is encouraging looking back and seeing how far I have already come…. Thanks to Flylady and her crew!

Keep up the great work!

Fluttering in Victoria, Australia

FlyLady here: Our habit for August is working on Laundry.

A load a day keeps CHAOS away!  We have a great tool to help you sort as you take your clothes off.
Do you have a story or tips that will help other FlyBabies with this habit? Please send them to with LAUNDRY in the subject line.

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