Keep on the Sunny Side

Dear Friends,

In the middle of night I wrote something down again. This is becoming a habit too. When I got up this morning I found the note in the bathroom. It is almost like I get a gift each morning. I could not wait to see what is going to come from it.

The words I wrote down were; Keep on the sunny side of the street. I looked it up on Google and lo and behold it is the words to a Frank Sinatra song. I can’t remember ever hearing it and I don’t know the tune, but the words have other meanings too.

One evening I walked down the main street of our little town. The sun was setting; one side of the street was in shadows and the other in bright sunshine. When I got up this morning and saw these words I remembered this picture.

In the sun we are bathed in warmth and love, while the shadows make us feel cool or maybe even cold. Then I got to thinking about what we do to ourselves. It is our choice to walk on the sunny side or we can drudge along in the shadows and hide from ourselves and our feelings.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of hiding! When I began to FLY, I started to come out of the shadows and into the light of love. This is the love that I have for myself. Every day that love glows brighter. When I take care of my body I am taking care of my spirit too. My being needs a comfortable place to live and be loved. My body is the sacred place that is me. I am not going to eat food that is poison to my body!

All of this love didn’t happen overnight. It took lots of babysteps and to tell the truth, I take a new one each day. With each little step I FLY higher and love myself more.

There are other things that put us on the sunny side of the street.

Saying positive things instead of whining
Getting enough sleep
Eating meals and drink your water
Taking breaks instead of pushing to exhaustion
Giving your children hugs and not harsh words
Limit your volunteering
Let go of your perfectionism
Please and thank you are better than nags
Let go of your martyred attitude
Don’t pile on to your duties.
Take BabySteps
Use your routines to guide you through your day
Plan for tomorrow instead of putting out fires
Go to the doctor and dentist for check ups
Most of all be kind to yourself and others

If you are doing these things, you will be walking on the sunny side of the street. When are you going to step out of those dark looming shadows into the light of your own love! It doesn’t take much, any one of these babysteps will set you on the right path if you will just step out of the shadows in faith and start to FLY!

Are you ready to join me in the warmth of the sunshine of your love?


Are you on the sunny side of the street? I want to hear how you keep on the sunny side!

Email me with SUNNY SIDE in the subject line.


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