We Clean our Dryer Vent Regularly

Dear FlyLady,

Oh. My. Word.

I ordered the Dryer Lint Kit. My husband thought it would be nice to have a kit since he has cleaned the vents on several occasions. Anyway, I was anxious to try it out, but feeling rather smug about the deal because we dutifully clean the lint trap between every load and DH cleans the vent annually or so. I didn’t wait for DH — too impatient!

First step, took out the lint trap and stuck the trap brush down in there and brought out HANDS FULL of lint. Wow! Well, I thought, that was cool. I guess we had some lint issues. But, certainly our hose is clean and clear. I pulled the hose away from the external hole in the wall (don’t know technical terms) and thought, oh dear. I used the round brush and went back and forth to the exterior a few times. More HANDS FULL of lint!  I shoved it down into the long hose connecting to the back of the dryer. More HANDS FULL of lint. Then, I accidentally bumped the start button on the dryer and lint came shooting out of the hose all over my basement. It was kind of like a duster-blessing-the-world on steroids. I just laughed. Better all over in my basement where I can vacuum it than starting a fire in my house. I finished with my Dryer Lint Kit work and hooked the vent back up and started the dryer.

I gathered up as much lint as I could to take out to the trash and went outside to throw it out. On my way back in I thought, I’ll just see how the outside vent looks. I didn’t need to open it up. The force of the air from the dryer had blown the lid off of the outside vent! I reached in and pulled out the last HAND FULL of lint.

Okay, so if dutiful lint trap cleaning people like us have this much lint, I have this advice to everyone who doesn’t have the Dryer Lint Kit yet. BUY IT. You have lint. Don’t kid yourself like we did.

FlyLady, thank you for what you do for us. We are spoiled brats who think we know better. You are like a warm, loving, hugging, gently persistent mother figure to me. Eventually I listen. I should have bought the dryer lint cleaning kit a long time ago, but I’m sure glad I did now.

Barbara, Indiana Flybaby


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