Hidden Treasures Is Absolutely Wonderful

hidden treasures

By An Amazon CustomerI was about to write “perfect” but laughed and caught myself. This book is just right, though, for all of us FlyBabies and soon-to-be FlyBabies. It was so nice to hear the story of another person like me who started with mystery water in the sink, tears, arguments, and self-defeat. And ended up with amazing peace! What a blessing – and a fun read.


By Becky Enfinger

Excellent  Young women, single and married with children, need this book! Older women, too! Take care of the small, mundane, everyday things of life before they become mountainous! Love yourself then you can love others!


By Deborah

Not only is this book inspiring, but it’s entertaining as well. If you’ve lost your enthusiasm for being organized the FlyLady way, this book will reignite your dedication to the organized life and home.


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