Clean Oven Window

Dear FlyLady,

I’m amazed and so grateful!! Once more, Purple Magic Rags to the rescue!!! Somehow or another, I spilled milk on top of my stove, and a bit fell thru the vent in the door and dripped down between the windows on the door. Of course it looked like a milk drip in front of the oven door. What to do? Although I’m not as serious a procrastinator as I was (another thank you!) that drip presented major difficulties.I tried to lift the door off, like I could my previous stove, but the door didn’t budge. I found out there were slots at the bottom of the window, and decided if I used a thin slat, or something like that, and purple rags, that might work… But that entailed getting down on the floor, and bending in ways that are near impossible for a senior like me.Finally decided something had to be done. At breakfast yesterday, I mentioned that huge task to my practical husband. He suggested removing the door and putting it on the table. I told him I’d tried and it wouldn’t budge. Then he suggested checking the brochure again.I must tell you I keep all the brochures that come with just about everything we buy, especially something like an appliance. Not only that, but I often will highlight pertinent info. However I checked the brochure, and lo and behold, there were instructions. On this stove, there is a lock that keeps the door in place. So with instructions in hand, and our relatively young nephew to help, we removed the door and put it on the table.

I know just how good the purple rags are with cleaning with just water. I didn’t want to chance using soap in case it would cloud the window. So with a slat, and a wet purple rag, I went to work, and lo and behold, it just wiped that milk drip away!! If I were a bit more agile, i would do a happy dance!

So thank you! Thank you!! And another thank you!! And thank you also for all the positive messages you are sending out in the world. You are indeed a blessing for many of us, so in return loads of Blessings to you, Marla.

Big cyberhugs from Winnipeg, Canada ~ Lilianne

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