It Gets Me Moving

hidden treasures
Dear Marla,

I would like to tell you how much I love Hidden Treasures.  I have read this book numerous times.  Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed, if a character takes a specific action like decluttering for 15 minutes, I may stop and do the same. It gets me moving.  Perhaps the authors should consider writing a sequel with a new set of characters, maybe payroll SHEs.

Love you guys,
from MD


I have been “fluttering” for many years.  I would take off then quickly burn out and not pick back up for a very long time.

I read Hidden Treasures last week (in 2 days) I couldnt put it down!!

Reading it was finally my ahha moment, it all clicked….I dont know why I just wasnt “getting” it until I read this book.

Its a great book and it made it all finally make sense to me after all this time. Thanks for recommending it 🙂


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