Looking For A Miracle

Dear FlyLady,

I don’t know where to begin!  I have only been a FlyBaby for a week but it has made such a difference in all areas of my life!  My husband and I got married 5 years ago and between “merging households” and my hubby being a pack rat, I was practically buried in boxes and clutter.  We would spend a whole day doing a room and then within months it was worse than when we started, because I wouldn’t maintain it and he would just continue to clutter.  I was so frustrated at one point I just wanted to pack a bag and leave everything and move out to a western state and start from scratch.

Then I started praying for a way to get my house in order.  I figured it would take a miracle.  One month later I was Googling ways to declutter, and someone mentioned on a forum about FlyLady and how she walks you through everything.  I clicked on that link and the rest is almost like a blur!  I signed up for the e-mails right away and looked at the BabySteps but decided to jump right in!  Last week was the bathroom and now my bathroom looks like it’s been professionally cleaned.  And it’s staying that way.  When we were to declutter the bathroom counter I told my husband “I’m doing my side, you’ll have to do yours.”  Well one night I was getting ready for bed and looked at his side of the counter and 3/4 of the clutter was GONE!  There it was, in the trash!  There were a few other items he put in the closet, but I know that took a lot for him to do that.  The other day the same thing happened in the kitchen, where he collects empty pill bottles and bottle caps.  I actually saw him pitch the stuff.  And lastly, when I told him this week was the bedroom and I guess I’d have just do my side he said, “I can probably help you with it.”  His pack rat problem was an “elephant in the room” in the past.  I was afraid to declutter his stuff because I didn’t know what he wanted to keep and what I could throw away, because he works from home.  However, FlyLady has now opened up communication between us to discuss when and how to declutter!  While my miracle wasn’t instantaneous, I can see where this will lead us in a few months and I am getting excited about getting rid of CHAOS!

Thank you and God bless you,
FlyBaby Nancy in Pennsylvania


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