Watch out for Brain Freeze

Dear FlyLady, 

The water bottle is as SUPER-FLY as I thought it would be. The testimonials are all true. The water is so cold! Watch out for brain freeze! I filled it with ice because that’s what I do whenever I fill a cup & want the water to stay cold, however, this bottle only needs 2-3 cubes of ice to make the water freezing cold and keep it cold allowing more fluid in the bottle. Ice cubes go easily in the opening just like you say it does. I’ve had several types of water bottles, even metal ones, but none keep my drink this cold and refreshing. My only regret…. that I didn’t get the bigger bottle.

Thanks for such quality products!!

FlyBaby in VA

FlyLady here: This is exactly why I LOVE our water bottles! Not only do they keep my water ice cold, they don’t sweat on my table either!

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