Sipping Away

32ozbottleDear FlyLady,

For a good while now, I’ve let the distractions of the day prevent me from refilling a water bottle more than once no matter the size.  About a week or so ago, I finally broke down and ordered your water bottles.  A 32oz for me and a 16oz for my son (he loves it by the way).

We like cold water but not icy so there’s a glass dispenser in our fridge full of filtered water.  At the start of each day, we fill up and off we go.  At some point we will both grab a refill.  It’s almost a game to see who can finish their 2 bottles first.  The water stays crisp and cool no matter how long we’ve been out in the sun.  I’m finally getting in all my water every day without it being a hassle.

Thank you for yet another fabulous product!

Stephanie  Happily sipping in Georgia

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