Just One More Thing

Dear FlyLady,

I bought a new car a few days ago.  So excited!  A great car, but I am noticing already that its light color seems to show everything.  Bugs that landed on the hood, water marks from a slight shower, etc.  And a great big spot on the center of the hood left by a bird bombing from overhead.

A purple rag and some Windex took care of that little problem with a couple of wipes.  I am going to keep a little bottle of Windex and a rag handy in the car, for whatever happens.

Another thing: we bought a large lemon meringue pie.  We had eaten half of it. I was trying to put that pie into the fridge.  Well, the aluminum pan it was in was quite flimsy.  Of course, one side of the pan was heavier than the other side. I moved one hand off the pan to open the fridge. Whoops! The pan doubled over, totally unbalanced.  The pie flew from my hand, landing upside down against the vegetable crisper door inside the fridge.  Meringue first.  Big mess.

Did you know that a purple rag and a bit of water will clean away the whole mess in practically no time?  Before purple rags, I would have been wiping it up with a sponge and soapy water for a lot longer period of time.

I have now ordered a set of silver rags.  They haven’t arrived yet, and I am waiting to see if the silver ones do the same fantastic job that the purple ones do.

So happy with all the products I have purchased from the FlyShop.

Twyla in Michigan


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