Keeps Us Organized

Dear FlyLady,

Poor DH has not been well the past few days, with a flu.

I have nursed him along with lemon drinks, aspirin, paracetamol, broth. When he rang dear doctor, he too was in bed with the flu.

I would prefer he take tomorrow off, but I did notice from the calendar that he is supposed to be abroad, leaving at 5.15 a.m.

Because he hasn’t been well, he hasn’t been consulting his work calendar, but I have trained him to fill in days when he is overseas, which happen about once a fortnight, so I know where he is and why he is late home in the evening!

To his amazement he found that the day he thought he was going was not the proper day and tomorrow is. Even though he is not fully recovered he has not the additional distress of paying for a flight he didn’t use, disappointing people who were expecting to meet with him and having his week messed up.

Your calendar is a great product and keeps us all organized here!

Thanks FlyLady,

Flying on the right days!


FlyLady here: Have everyone post their schedules on the family calendar! You will be able to plan and prepare for all trips and activities. The FlyLady calendar has large squares with plenty of room! Don’t wait another day to post a calendar in the heart of your home.


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