Our Worst Habit

Dear Friends,

This whole month we have been focusing on a new habit; swishing and swiping our bathrooms. Today is the three week point in our practicing of our new habit. I have been so proud of all of you for not throwing in the towel when for some reason you just missed one day. We don’t have to beat ourselves up any more when we are not perfect.

This is the beauty of FLYing! As we are loving ourselves we don’t need to be punished for getting sidetracked. All we have to do is jump back in where we are and keep going forward. So what if we missed a day! It is not the end of the world. It is just one day.

I want you to quiet those nasty hateful words that you use to beat yourself up. Those words have become one of those bad habits we need to eliminate forever. This is going to take time. We first heard those words when we were children, then when we got married; now they seem to be stuck permanently in our mental vocabulary; each time we do one little thing wrong.

Next time you hear YOURSELF say something ugly to YOU! Just say delete! That is not so!!! I am a very smart person and I do not deserve to be talked to that way! Then tell yourself that you are doing better than yesterday and babysteps are going to help me!

Do you see how we can be our own worst enemy? Please begin to recognize when you do this to yourself. I love you all and can’t stand to see you beat yourself up with words.



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