Our Home is Running Smoother

Dear FlyLady,

So… We are trying to save money, just like everyone else. Therefore, I tried to go without your calendar …. The old one had been taken down in a moment of weakness because my husband I thought it looked “busy” on the side of our fridge. We were going to “go 21st century” and use our iPhones….. HUGE mistake.

Syncing, editing and all that jazz took too long. So we were basically trying to function without a family calendar. I didn’t know what day it was half the time.

Tonight my husband said “you know that calendar that used to be right here” (while pointing to the fridge). I said “ya.” He said, “We need it.” I said ” but I thought we were trying to cut back and I didn’t think you wanted me spending money on a calendar.” He said, “only $13.95. Get it. We need it. Tell FlyLady this place ran smoother while she was around.” 😉

So I ordered the calendar… I am thrilled to get it back on the fridge. Cannot believe we thought it looked like “too much”… It was our life and it will be again. Meal plans, appointments, trips, birthdays, kids events/activities… We are busy. Therefore our calendar should look busy. No denying it. We love our life and we love how the FlyLady calendar will make it run so smoothly and feel so much “less busy” and even more fun! Cannot wait!!!!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Not just for the calendar, but for changing my attitude, my house, my marriage and my life!

FlyBaby T from Minnesota

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