What’s the Difference?

Dear FlyLady,

Love your website and emails. I’m planning to place an order for merchandise but I can’t find any information regarding whether there is a difference between purple and silver cloths, beside colour.

I would really appreciate your reply.


Dear Anne,

silverragsbogoThe Silver and Purple Rags are the same fabric and the same size. I just wanted a different color. You know how I like to color code things. I wanted my purple rags in my bathroom and car. In my kitchen I use my silver rags for counters and  windows. I keep one in my purse to clean my eye glasses. Nothing does a better job of getting greasy finger prints off the lenses.

The silver rags do not have as much dye in them as the purple rags do.

You can start using them without having to prewash them. Right now we have them on a buy one set get one set free, BOGO. All you have to do is put one set in your cart and we will do the rest.


Great Idea for Silver Rags

Dear FlyLady,

I never could keep track of my purple rags. I bought 6 silver rags to shine with, paired them with purple rags to wash with, and labeled each pair with magic marker as to its function, car, bathroom, etc.  Now when I find a stray rag I’ll know where it belongs.

Thanks for helping to keep life doable.

Flybaby Marti

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