March Habit #8 I Actually Tried It

Dear FlyLady,

I have been flying for a few years now, but I’ve never accepted the “wearing my shoes in the house” habit. We live in the country and we take our shoes off at the door. Anyway, March Habit #2yesterday you sent the email about the March habit  and I’ve done everything so far and it has worked, so I actually tried it! (Tears) IT WORKED!!! I took a pair of tennis shoes and cleaned them good and I felt like a new me! I completed all my routines and  all my weekly blessings and I also shampooed all my carpets!!! My family and I are so excited at how our home is staying blessed and mama’s a happy camper! My children can’t get over me wearing shoes in the house, but now I finally realize the concept! Thank you and God bless you for the blessing you and your crew are to all of us flybabies!

Flybaby Beka:)

Dear Friends,

We love to hear your testimonials and motivate others with the success stories! If you have a success story please send it to with I HAVE MY SHOES ON in the subject line.

FlyLady Rebecca

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