I Decided To Quit Being Lazy

Dear FlyLady,

It has been a horrendous Western New York winter!  I was having myself an attitude about my lace up shoes.

I would do my morning routine of showering, dressing, and slipping on my boots so that I could take the dog outside.  Afterwards, however, I would just stay in my boots.  I thought, “What’s the use of changing into shoes when I am going to have to change out of them again when Ozzy needs his next walk.”  I only changed into my lace up shoes when I went to my Zumba class on Tuesday, because you can’t do a workout in boots.  I found that this stinkin’ thinkin’ affected me in 3 ways.

1.  I would feel less motivated to continue with my home blessing tasks and other routines.

2.  Doing my housework in my boots just didn’t FEEL right.

3.  The skin between my toes, especially on my left foot, was starting to get sore.

So I decided to quit being so lazy and put my lace up shoes on after Ozzy’s morning walk.  After all, it didn’t take as long as I thought to get my Nikes on and laced up.  The results were amazing!

1.  After the walk, I would go and do something instead of sitting down at the computer or watching TV.

2.  The tasks that I did got done a lot faster, because my feet felt like boogie-woogieing.

3.  After a couple of days, I no longer had that soreness between my toes.

So I have learned, shoes instead of boots.  Skipping that step just isn’t worth it. Flybaby Karen from Lily Dale, NY

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