A Great Revelation

Hi Marla.

It’s that time of year when museums and calendar vendors are flooding the online market with very tempting offerings.  I already have my Flylady calendar for 2022(bought it as soon as it came out!)   but those beautiful, artistic calendars with art masterpieces,  and those pretty  calendars with the coordinated designs and so on, have been tempting me.  I actually put  large and small matching calendars in the shopping cart of one of these sites….but never hit the “order” button.  So there they sat.

Then this morning,  I looked at the November spread on my Flylady calendar.  It’s already filling up with all kinds of colors, stickers, reminders of my amazing and varied life with its many activities and challenges.  And I thought,  “Sure,  I can spend money on a calendar that some designer has done very beautifully.  But thousands of other people will have that same beautiful calendar.  It’s pre-produced beauty.  Nothing wrong with it,  but how about the unique beauty of my FlyCalendar?”

It reflects not someone else’s concept of what would make a lovely calendar,  but rather the real and unique stuff that makes up my beautiful life.  Thousands of us buy your Calendar,  but it leaves room (LOTS of room!)  for each of us to record the beauty of our individual lives in our own way.  Imagine seeing all those Fly Calendars side to side!  All the color and creativity and accomplishment and commitment that comes from our own beautiful selves and not from someone else!

A great revelation,  and hey, it’s going to save me money!

Jersey FlyGirl


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