I Am Not Lazy

Sink ReflectionsDear FlyLady,

I’ve been FLYing for about a month. I must say, I had to create a slightly different concept for my routines - in which I do part of the routines daily but part of the routines only once a week – each days has its own specific tasks (except Saturday in which I only do the bare essentials).

I have 2 cats and my apartment gets a lot of dust (probably the climate here in Israel) so there are some things I simply have to do at least once a week – very quickly and it’s in no way detailed cleaning – but doing all of it every day is both unnecessary and too time-consuming.

I wanted to share my a-ha moment with you – I just found out I’m not lazy!

I was never lazy in my job, but I do procrastinate and I thought I was also lazy when there’s no one to supervise, especially when it comes to home chores.

After joining the mailing list, when reading the emails and your wonderful book – “Sink Reflections” – you occasionally write stuff like “you are not lazy” and I thought to myself – “well, I am, but maybe I can still benefit from this system”.

Well, after a month of FLYing I finally realized that not only do I not procrastinate with regards to any of my routines, but I also enjoy some of it (I’m still in shock!). I take pleasure in the fact that I do something for myself and in the results, and I make sure I listen to some music or something interesting on the radio while doing it so it doesn’t even adversely affect my leisure time.

The stuff I still hate doing is actually stuff I feel I’m doing imperfectly, but I don’t let that stop me from doing it anyway, and imperfect though the results are, everything’s still much better than it was.

And so, surprise surprise, I do everything I wrote down in my routines, enjoy parts of it and my house looks great already!

And then it hit me – it’s not that I was lazy. I was so afraid to do imperfect work, get bad results, not be able to keep my house clean – that I had such a turn off from all house work. Now I am no longer afraid – I know I can do anything – some well, some less efficiently (but still with sufficient results), and that gets me off my bottom and to work every time.

Thank you for your system and your book - it changed my life, it gives me structure and comfort where previously I was like a fish out of water.

D from Tel Aviv


FlyLady here: We are not LAZY, we are just perfectionists! This is eye-opening! We were just scared of someone thinking we were not perfect.

Have you listened to me read Sink Reflections to you? Sometimes it takes someone else’s voice to help you get rid of the negative voices in your head.


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