We Came Up With A Solution

  Dear FlyLady,

I wrote you last month, I was a stay at home mom of 3 thankful for your systems when my husband had surgery. I went back to work full time 2 weeks after my husbands surgery and he is now temporarily a stay home dad. This role change has made us appreciate each other a little more.

The issue we have come across has been the routines. He has felt like me leaving him a list of things to be done have been commands, and then when he asks me, I am at work so I just have said “I don’t know, I’ll do it when I get home!” (Not in a mean tone, but nicely!) This has made him feel not needed.

So, thanks to you, we have a solution. I have began creating my control journal, and he uses it! I tell him that I only spend 15 minutes in the current zone, so do whatever tasks you want in the zone list and only spend 15 minutes! This allows him to still be needed, help our household, and frees my mind of clutter because I don’t have to think about it. He just a asks me what zone we are in this week, and that’s it! The tasks get done! And HE is blessing our home!

I also have downloaded and printed the student control journal for my kids, and they are doing things without being asked! They have their list, and are taking babysteps, and even though it says parents keep out on the front, they ask for help and I help them and that is he end of that!

My middle “rebel” child (DS age 6!) is loving it because it gives him his own responsibilities and makes him feel very grown up. He functions better when he feels in charge.

I just ordered your feather duster, and I absolutely love it!! I came home from work after a long day and dusted our home, and my husband said “that looks easy, I can do that too!”

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!


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