An Impromptu Visit

Dear FlyLady,

I’m one of your on-again, off-again FlyBabies.  I found your system years ago, then got hit with health problem after health issue after chronic condition.  Recently, my endocrinologist’s office found the exact dosage of the right medicine to help as much as it can, and I’ve had some, but not a lot of, energy.  Enough to start flapping again.

A lot of the decluttering is done, and me doing my part is inspiring my clutterbugs (my other half and our littles) to pitch in.

Last night.  Well.  Last night, a long-time friend of ours (dear Lord, we have had this friend for more than twenty years!) called and asked to leave his work van here for the weekend while he went to a hobby convention.  He and a friend of his came over…and there was almost no crisis cleaning: I moved a couple of boxes of papers off a chair, and that was it.  Even better, my wonderful other half felt no stress whatsoever about an impromptu visit.  And we’ve made tentative plans for more hang-out time in my home!

I was not born organized–and I was too much of a reader, writer, and dreamer to pick it up as a child from my born organized mother.  Thank you so much for your system!

With love and gratitude,

Flapping (and starting to soar) in Joplin, MO

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