I Love My FlyLady Life

Dear FlyLady,

I love my purple, silver, and bronze rags! I use them for most everything. I’m not throwing out my old rags though. I keep them for those really awful messes that mean you have to throw out the rag when you are done. Sometimes paper towels just won’t cut it so I keep some cheap rags for those times. I’m also trying to cut down on paper towels so the cheap rags are good to keep around for the kids to clean up little messes without getting all of my good ones dirty at once!

I just got my new feather duster a couple of days ago and my house has never looked so good. I live in a small Senior Complex apartment so I can dust every day in just a couple of minutes. It is now part of my morning routine.

I love my FlyLady life. Along with my calendar to keep me on track, my water bottle to keep me hydrated, my routines to help me plan my days! Sometimes I get off track and just flutter but I know all I have to do is jump back in where I am and it will come right again!

Thank you for sharing your life with us! It is always easier with a friend!

FlyBaby C.

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