Always Satisfied With Your Tools

multiwandcurveHi Dearest FlyLady,

I just ordered your swish and swipe package, the rubba scrubba, and the new multi wand.

I own several of your tools: duster, mops and more. I love your products. They are worth the price.

I tell my daughters and daughters in law this about home keeping products; their daddy, brothers and their husbands never skimp on quality for their tools, whether it be on the ranch,  in the shop or office. They figure they deserve the best they can afford to make their life easier, and so should we who make our homes a safe and happy haven for our families. The products will pay for themselves in the time we save and the energy we keep by using quality tools in our homes.

Thank you FlyLady for making those great tools available to us. I am so excited waiting for my order to arrive.

Love you!
FlyBaby J

FlyLady here: I agree with FlyBaby J. Our sons and husbands love to buy good quality tools. They don’t skimp because it will cost them more in the long run. Good tools last a long time!

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