Every Little Bit Counts

IMG_5778Dear FlyLady,

I was in the consignment shop, waiting in line to hand over 10 items (the weekly limit) I no longer love or use.  I get half the selling price, and someone else gets a discount heart’s desire.  The woman in front of me was bringing in quite a few clothing items, so I congratulated her on a good job of cleaning out her closet.  She said, ‘Not really’, and mentioned how she had clutter.  I encouraged her to check out flylady.net.

What I realized that day is how much my mindset has changed about releasing my unused stuff.  I’m actually happy to do it now.  Yeah, I’ll get stuck on an item for a bit, it may travel back and forth to thrift or consignment shops, but eventually, I’m able to let go.  I actually grant myself one ‘take-back’ item for each trip.  No guilt attached.  I have learned to congratulate myself on a job well done, instead of berating myself that I didn’t do better.  Every little bit counts!

I like to think of decluttering efforts in terms of square feet.  I throw a party in my mind when I liberate that space in my home.

Other times I think of how heavy an unwanted item is, and imagine the relief the house will feel without that weight.  Little games make it fun.

I feel happy that the item can now find its way to someone who will love and use it.  A bonus: Every once in a while I buy a special new present for our home, without the guilt I used to have of adding to the mess.  This attitude adjustment has allowed me to be proud of myself, have fun and know that every little effort I make is blessing me!

Flybaby Jess in New York

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