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How do I decide where to start decluttering?

If you are having a hard time deciding where to start then follow our zones.

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I Need Help with My Lunches

I’m relatively new to your routines, so you may have addressed this and I just haven’t noticed yet.

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What Comes First the Chicken or the Egg

We are so used to walking into our kitchens at 6pm and standing in front of our refrigerators and waiting for inspiration.

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Saving Money with Your Meal Plan

We are focused on saving money by planning our meals.

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It’s Unbelievable How Much Money We Saved

I know I would never throw money in the garbage, why would I ever throw food in the garbage?

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Let’s Do the Weekend Dance

Every week we are excited for Friday to roll around!

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Taking Control of My Health by FlyLady

Everything I learned from her has stayed with me all these years. It is what I use today!

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A Plan Saves Money and Time

This essay is a continuation from the Ask FlyLady question.

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Taking Inventory

On Thursday, I threw out a challenge to cook out of our freezers and pantry.

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Saving Money and Feeding Your Family

Dear Friends, We have been traveling for two weeks. It is always so wonderful to meet my precious FlyBabies. One of the main issues I have been hearing from them is that they are struggling with their finances. Health insurance … Continue reading

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