Beginner BabySteps: Day 4

BabyStep: Day 4

 So far we are:

  •     Getting Dressed to lace-up shoes
  •     Keeping our sink shining
  •     Read your FlyLady message on our website
Your next thing is to write these items down on a sticky note and post them on your bathroom mirror and above your kitchen sink.
This is the beginning of your Control Journal.
or buy the one I have built for you; Control Journal
The little notes help us to remember the habits we are trying to establish.
After you put your Post-It Note on your mirror please send an email to and put MY POST-IT IS IN PLACE in the subject line.
I am so proud of you!

FlyLady Tip: If you make it fun; it will get done.
We like to turn everyday chores into games. Our timer helps us!You can do anything for 15 minutes and then you get to stop!



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