Weekends are for Fun

Dear Friends,

It is the weekend! Yippee or do you dread them. For years we have thought that the weekends were the only time we had to clean and do laundry. As children we were forced into mandatory service to get our rooms clean and the house presentable after a whole week of neglecting it. What a waste to a fun time to spend with your family.

Routines will protect you from the all day Saturday forced cleaning session that we had to do as children and that we have forced our own babies to do. I know you don’t believe me, but if you will do your morning and evening routines and a simple home blessing hour, you will never have to waste a Saturday cleaning again.

As you slowly declutter your home you will find that it is much easier to keep your home in order. Let’s face it, with less STUFF (Something That Undermines Family Fun) we can spend more quality time with our families. Do you want your children to have memories of a fussy screaming mother or father or a pleasant day of picnicking or hiking in the forest?

There are lots of events that don’t cost money to visit: Go to a park, state forest, national park, a lake, or stream. Go fishing or just a walk. Bake cookies or have a picnic in your back yard. Set up a tent in the back yard and pretend to go camping. Have a cookout! You can get creative.

Let’s take back our weekends for fun! You know you are FLYing when you have time for celebration each weekend, because there is no housework keeping you guilt ridden and chained to your home.

Are you ready to FLY with the anticipation of a weekend filled with fun?


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