Blessing the World

purpleragmarlaDear Friends,

When you come to us you are usually looking for a way to get your home clean. The clutter has taken over and you feel as if you are about sink for the third time. When you join our email group; you have no idea what is about to take place. Many are upset over the emails but that is just too bad because without them we would not be helping so many people. The emails are the heart and soul of what we do.

Every email has a purpose. The testimonials encourage you to see how others are using our methods to change their homes. They are also to show you that FLYing is an on-going process. I know some people seem like they are doing so well so fast and you try to beat yourself up over this. We all have our own pace. It took me nine months of clearing out clutter and establishing my routines one babystep at a time for me to start seeing the overall changes in my life. Don’t let your perfectionism to cause you to crash and burn before you have had a chance to allow the most important part of our messages to FLY Wash you!

The most important messages are my attitude adjusting musings and Ask FlyLady Questions: These are ones that get in your face and help you to realize your negative thinking. They also address your perfectionism, martyrdom and overall attitude toward cleaning and how you take care of yourself.  If I can get into your head so that you hear my words replace those nasty phrases then I have done what God put me here to do.

The essential point is that until you take care of you; you cannot take care of everything else. This is why FLYing; Finally Loving Yourself is our foundation. The second crucial message is that housework is not a chore. When you change your attitude toward housecleaning to reflect your inner peace, your chores become a daily blessing to your home, your family and most of all to you!

This transformation allows you to pass on this peace and help you find your purpose for living. We are all put on Earth for a reason and it is only after we get rid of our household clutter and mind clutter that we can see our path to personal fulfillment.

Are you ready to FLY?


Here is one of my most favorite testimonials; if I can get this message across to you then you will touch others with your life.

Dear FlyLady,

After 6 months of flying, fluttering and doing routines, I also got a feather duster this past week!!  I expected to like it, but I didn’t expect it to feel like it was made especially for me.

My five year old dear son talked about it every day until it came, the magic wand that shoots feathers.  When it finally came we were ecstatic.  I said, “There is only one rule with the magic dusters: they are for blessing the house, and everything we say has to be a kind, blessing sort of thing.”  and we were off, he with the little duster and me with the big one.  We blessed not only our family and friends and home, we blessed the lady bugs that live here and the spiders and the
dead spiders!!!

My dear son turned to me and said, “I bet you didn’t know that I was such a good house blesser!”

“NO I didn’t” I replied.

“THAT is because I’m your little flyboy!”  He said, “You know what is good about the FlyLady dusters?  They pick up the dirt, not just push them into piles like other dusters”  (do you visit these children in their sleep??  We never dusted before!) Then he reminded me to shake it out, and ran onto the deck with his arms up to the sky and yelled at the top of his lungs, “BLESS THE WORLD”

Blessings in CT

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