Control Journal, Step 5: Weekly Home Blessing Hour

Today you are going to create your Weekly Home Blessing Hour list for your Control Journal. Write it on a piece of paper (it is only seven things) and put it into the weekly section; FlyLady’s is labeled under Monday’s Weekly Home Blessing Hour. It is in a sheet protector so she can mark items off as I do them. Again, keep it simple!

Weekly Home Blessing Hour

  1. Vacuum
  2. Dust
  3. Mop
  4. Polish mirrors and doors
  5. Purge magazines
  6. Change Sheets
  7. Empty all trash

When you do your Weekly Home Blessing, set a timer and spend only 10 minutes per item on the list. When the timer goes off, stop and to the next item. Anything is better than nothing!

If you cannot join FlyLady on Monday for your Weekly Home Blessing, set an appointment for yourself on another day and stick to it. If you are a working FlyBaby, try doing a few tasks in the morning and a few when you get home.

“Housework done incorrectly will still bless your family. It may not be done the way your momma taught you, but it will be done. This will make your home shine, and you will smile. I am so proud of you for blessing your home!” – FlyLady

Once you have your Morning Routine planned, you’re ready for step six!

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