Monthly Habit: May – Moving


It’s May, and that means it’s time to get moving! Each May we practice the habit of getting our bodies used to a few minutes of daily loving movement. This could be walking, running, gardening, dancing, etc. Whatever you do, make it fun and it will get done!

A little moving will energize you and you will feel better! – FlyLady

Here are the habits we have covered so far this year. Remember to reinforce these habits while completing your new one:

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It’s May; Let the MOVING begin!

Dear Friends,

Today marks the first day of our Moving in May Bless your Heart challenge! Yes we are going to spend the month of May reinforcing our routines for taking care of ourselves.

Heart disease attacks one in three women.

When I read the article from the April 28, 2003 issue of Time Magazine I had a wake up call! Heart disease attacks one in three women. I have had emails from members in their mid thirties that have had heart attacks. There is a history of heart disease and stroke in our family. My father died at 58 from a heart attack and he was not over weight. My mother died from complications from a stroke at 65; So who am I kidding here. Life is too short as it is to interrupt a wonderful life with a fading heart that can’t pump your blood!

Over the years our activity level has decreased and slowly just like our clutter in our home; our body clutter has increased. The main reason is our lack of moving!

We no longer know how to play! We have become too wrapped up in our clutter that we became paralyzed physically! We took to our beds, secluded ourselves behind our locked doors and refused to greet the world. When your home makes you feel so bad that you have to hide then it is time to get off our frannies and hit a lick at a snake (southern for just doing something!)

I have gotten emails complaining that they thought they joined a group to get their home in order not a weight loss or exercise group! Well Sisters and Brothers this group has always been about taking care of you. If I can teach you how to FLY(Finally Love Yourself) then your home will come together.

Here is why! You have been beaten down for so long and I want to teach you how to lift your own self up by the laces on your tennis shoes and take control of your life. For years you have been responding to the forces of clutter around you! The only time you cleaned was when you had to. You hated cleaning because it took so long and you didn’t have time to do it right, so you let everything go until it reached out and bit you right where it hurts the most: your self-esteem. Your own words were mean and degrading. It is time for this to stop!

We are going to Bless our Hearts and in the process we will be blessing our families, our homes and the world! A little moving will energize you and you will feel better!

Are you ready to FLY and bless your heart at the same time! Today we start Moving! All we are asking is just 15 minutes a day. Set your timer and have some fun! Then go post your minutes on our home page.


Testimonial: Dancing With My Daughters!

Dear FlyLady,

I’m not a big testimonial gal, but I wanted to share my “Aha!” moment with you.

I was looking at the list of things to do. Staring back at me in black ink was “15 minutes of loving movement”. Bleck! Not in the mood, but I’d better do it anyway.

That’s when my 4 year old daughter snuck up on me and asked if I could dance to their music with her and her sister. I started to say “Not right now. I need to go exercise” but I only got to “N-“. That’s when it hit me! Hello!! Make the dancing with my girls my loving movement.

We set our timer and danced our hearts out for 15 minutes. I hope my children will look back on their childhoods and see (among many other things) a Mama who was willing to dance with them, make exercise fun and use time wisely.

FlyBaby in sunny AZ

FlyLady here: Our new habit this month is Moving in May, and moving takes many forms. Dancing with your children is an amazing way to do this and make wonderful memories with your children.

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