Today's Holiday Cruising Mission

Mission #11: Blessing and Flinging...

Dear Friends,

Your Holiday Mission for today is to Clean and Fling!!! Monday's are Weekly Home Blessing Hour days at FlyLady and your mission is to do a 27 fling boogie as you bless your house. We are cruising through the Holidays together and every time you can get rid of some clutter is going to help you FLY! Grab one of those plastic bags that you get at the grocery store and loop it along your wrist or loop it through your belt loop on your pants, as you are going through the house just toss in the bag whatever needs to be tossed. This can be junk mail, odds and ends that have been laying around and whatever you see that is just plain clutter and needs to be gotten rid of. Do not spend hours doing this, just have the bag handy while you are blessing your home!!

Have fun!

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