My Family is Being FlyWashed

Dear FlyLady,

Horray!!! My family is being flywashed by example.

I have been working on my routines for several months now, trying to get my home to run on autopilot. I’ve told my DH a few things about FlyLady, but I felt a little silly at the time. (You know how we perfectionists are . . . hating to admit we need help.) Well, in the last two weeks, DH has helped me make the bed! I am sometimes gone in the morning before he wakes up, and it was such a joy to come home the first time and see the blankets pulled up. It wasn’t perfect, but I could tell it was effort. About a week after that, I came home to a completely made bed. Blankets and pillows all in place. I wanted to melt in purple puddles.

It is so rewarding to know that all of my hard work in trying to bless my home and my family is coming back around to bless me.

Last night, I went to a dinner for the ladies at my church. Before I left, dinner was made for DH and I was able to spend some quality time with my toddler by letting him “help” with the dishes. He loves to pull up the chair to the sink and play with me. I love the peace that has entered into my home. I am the perfect example of the “I’m Flying” song. I still have piles of clutter, but I’m just getting started.

Do you want to know what really made all of these things possible? I sat down and made my control journal. I tried and tried to FLY for months, but never did I find my wings until I started forming my routines. It was literally not possible for me to dig into the clutter until I learned to clean up after myself, because I always wanted to get the maintenance done first.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so excited now to see what I can do next. I love being able to say yes to DH when he asks if I want to go fishing, or hiking, or even just to sit on the couch and watch a movie with him. I am really, truly, Finally Loving Myself.

FlyBaby Jamie, Montana



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