This Week’s Announcements

Dear Friends,


2018 Calendars went on sale this past week. Everyone has been waiting patiently for their new calendar. This is a 17 month calendar that begins in August 2017.


We did inventory this week and our supply of Feather dusters is getting low. Get your duster to make dusting one of your favorite things to do. Just two minutes and your home will always look good. Check out my video!


Father’s Day is coming up in nine days. We are discontinuing our 32 oz Water Bottle because it is too big for my ladies’ hands. Guy’s love this bottle. Get one for all the fellows in your family. You will not find the quality of this water bottle at a better price.



I don’t have any speaking engagements this summer. We are staying close to home. I am taking this time to declutter another layer in our home. Next week we are in Zone 3 our main bathroom and another room. I am choosing to declutter my extra bedroom.

This is going to feel so good. I have already started in my bathroom. I decluttered my underwear drawer. Do you have panties and bras that need to go away? This week I ordered three new bras and three new panties. When I put the new ones in the cleaned out drawer; I will declutter six bras and six panties.

Reclaim your home this summer. You can do this. Clutter has a way to creeping in. This is why I am hyper-focusing on getting rid of clutter! You can’t organize clutter! You have to get it out of your house.


Take the Underwear Challenge. Declutter your underwear drawer! Send me an email to with DECLUTTERED DRAWERS when you do this and tell me about the strangest item you found. Enjoy my pun!

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