March Habit #7 Protect Your Feet

Dear Flylady,

The March habit has always been an easy one for me. I seldom go without wearing shoes and even just before bedtime I am generally not barefoot, but have a pair of flip flops on my feet as I brush my teeth, wash my face, etc. Like many others, I discovered that I was March Habit #3more productive in a pair of shoes than pair of house slippers, flip flops or bare feet.  In fact, the shoe habit is so ingrained in me, that I often use the month of March as a continuation of our FL February Habit of de-cluttering as that is the most difficult habit for me to sustain.

However, here’s a real ‘no-shoe’ story that happened just a few days ago. Perhaps it will help other flybabies understand the importance of protecting one’s feet. I had got out of bed (without putting even slippers on my feet) to get a last glass of water before settling down to sleep. As I was walking back to the bedroom, I happened to see that I had inadvertently left the printer on in our home office (indicated by its power light). I walked into the room to shut it off.

You guessed it. I didn’t turn on the office light. I didn’t have even flip flops on my feet. Guess what? As I walked over to the printer, I accidently bumped my right foot into my office chair and smacked my toes into the wheel base of that chair!!! Triple ouch!!!!

Fortunately the chair was on a rolling base, so it gave way as I ran into it; therefore, the damage to my foot was not as bad as it might have been if it were a stationary chair. Fortunately, I did not break my foot nor any toes. Unfortunately, I severely bruised my foot – so much so – that I could hardly put my weight on that foot the next morning. It continues to be tender as it overcomes the bruising.

Ladies and gentlemen…..boys and girls…..wear your shoes to protect your feet.  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Benjamin Franklin.

Thank you, dear Flylady for your gentle reminder of how to keep our feet happy (and injury free).

Dear Friends,

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FlyLady Rebecca

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