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Perfectionism and Being Calendar Challenged

I am writing about being calendar challenged and about some of the deep purple puddle revelations I have encountered on my own personal Flyway journey

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Am I Mopping Wrong?

For the first time since I found your website a couple years ago, I’m nearly done with the Beginner’s Baby Steps!

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How Do I Catch Up on our Holiday Missions?

I’m too far behind! How do I catch up? Where should I start?

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Tip for a Good Holiday Season

Today I was asked by a magazine editor if I could give one tip for having a good holiday season what would that be?

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The Choice is Yours

We have all had a rough week. Our way of life is being attacked on all fronts.

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Change is Good

What is it about change that makes us sick to our stomachs?

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Living in a Can do World

What is it about these words we tell ourselves all the time; I can’t, I won’t and I don’t have time?

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Perfectionism is Not an Asset

In our perfectionism we try to fix things for everyone. I have been a fixer all my life.

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Good Enough is Good Enough

Our precious little princess inside of us just really wants to be loved!

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Why can’t I seem to be successful in creating a peaceful home

Why can’t I seem to be successful in creating a peaceful home and how can I overcome them?

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