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Am I Mopping Wrong?

For the first time since I found your website a couple years ago, I’m nearly done with the Beginner’s Baby Steps!

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Can’t Never Could Do Anything

What is it about these words we tell ourselves all the time; I can’t, I won’t and I don’t have time?

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Are You Living with Rabid Perfectionism?

Being a perfectionist is a terrible way to live!

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Timer Perfectionism

So I have this issue which I know is a result of my perfectionism showing through, but what do I do when I set my timer for 15 minutes

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The Perfectionism Monster

Perfectionism is like a monster with hundreds of tentacles and it reaches into every part of our lives and holds on till we can find it and rip it out.

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Where Do You Store Your Rubba Swisha?

Where do you store the Rubba Swisha? Is there a holder for it that looks ok in bath?

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Perfectionism and Being Calendar Challenged

I am writing about being calendar challenged and about some of the deep purple puddle revelations I have encountered on my own personal Flyway journey

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Keep on the Sunny Side

In the middle of night I wrote something down again. This is becoming a habit too.

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I Don’t Have to Hide

Never mind the UPS man, I’ve been hiding from my own husband!

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Procrastination, Distraction, or Do-It-Now? Oh My

Procrastination, Distraction, or Do-It-Now? Would you please help us distinguish between these 3 ideas.

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