Monthly Habit: June – Drinking Water

Drinking WaterWelcome to the month of June and to a brand new habit. This month, we are going to work on Drinking Water. With the hot summer months upon us, now is a great time to start the habit of hydrating and re-hydrating. Check out all the great info below to help get you motivated and moving.

This is one simple way to love yourself. Take the time to drink your water. If you don’t, who will take care of you? – FlyLady

To encourage your new water-drinking habit, why don’t you get your own special water bottle?

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Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Dear Friends,

Water is good for us, and many of us don’t drink enough. Is your skin dry and itchy? Water can help this. When you cough, do you feel like a lung is coming up? Water can help this, too. We all know how much water we are supposed to drink. Sometimes we push food down our throats when we are just thirsty. Take note and listen to your body.

Our bodies are made up of mostly water. Dehydration, even slight, makes us feel weak. There is also a problem with water intoxication, but there aren’t many people with this issue. Balance is the key. Don’t drink more than a quart in an hour. Spread your water intake over the whole day. Eight glasses of eight ounces in 24 hours is the recommended amount. That equals two quarts. Once you get your body hydrated, you don’t have to use the bathroom as much as you do when you first start.

I don’t want to hear complaints that you don’t like water or that I am not a doctor and should not be telling you to drink water. You are smart women; you know if you are drinking enough water, and you know if you are guilty of not drinking enough. Water is essential to life.

Water helps to clean out the impurities from your system. When I am sick with a cold, (and I have not had one since I started drinking my water!) I drink 12 ounces every 30 minutes in the mornings. After about four hours of my own water remedy, I am able to cough up the stuff that is in my lungs. I am not telling you to do this; this is what works for me.

I want you to take care of yourself. Eating right and drinking enough water is part of it. Commit to taking care of yourself. I have to set a timer to remind myself to drink water. I keep a 64-ounce jug of water in my refrigerator. I drink on it all day, and in the evening I fill it back up for tomorrow. This is how I keep up with how much I am drinking. If I didn’t, I would forget.

Are you Ready to FLY?


Testimonial – Water From a Pretty Glass

Dear FlyLady,

I wanted to share a “water-drinking tip” with you and your other FlyBabies. I love and embrace the idea of water in a jug for out-of-home running around, but for at-home time, I enjoy a nice glass in something pretty, something that fits “me.” Personally, though not at all an alcohol drinker, I like a high-ball glass. For some reason, the shape and fit in my hand is comforting and pleasing. And, I drink more when I feel good about it visually!

You can get very pretty, yet inexpensive, glasses at dollar stores. Or, if it pleases you, you can even get a nice, cut crystal one at a department store that is reserved just for YOU and just for water! We do other simple things because we’re FLYing. So, why not drink from a “golden” goblet, too?!

Thanks for all the encouragement you give. I have been FLYING with you for 2 1/2 years now. Nothing is the same!

Robin in Virginia

FlyLady here: Our habit this month is to drink water… staying hydrated is our goal. And if you will drink more water by using a pretty glass that feels good in your hand, do it now! You deserve to have and use nice things… even when drinking your water!

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