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What is Standing in Your Way

Have you never done a Weekly Home Blessing?

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Don’t Let the Feminine Feather Fool You

Don’t let the soft and feminine feather fool you!

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Be sure and join us for our Facebook live show this afternoon at 2:00pm edt.

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This Week’s Announcements

Father’s Day is coming up in nine days.

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Fear of Decorating

Did you ever glance at those well lit pictures in a magazine and wish for a room that looked as inviting as the images in their pages.

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Ten Minutes is not Long Enough

We moved from a 2 bedroom condo in Chicago to a 4 bedroom 3 bath home in Michigan. I have been on the wagon with your ideas and then off again.

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Why Are the Feather Dusters Being Discontinued?

May I ask why you are discontinuing the feather duster?

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Have Some Fun with a Magic Wand

As FlyBabies we are put off by anything that sounds like mundane housework!

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It Really Does Make Dusting Easier

I am a somewhat erratic FlyBaby. Some days I FLY great – others (too many), not so much

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