What is Holding You Down?

i-rGBjX5Z-LDear Friends,

Clutter has invaded the sacred peace of your home. It is tearing you and your family apart. When are you going to get fed up with toss him out on his ear.

I know you have been decluttering and bagging up stuff for weeks now, but have you gotten it out of your home for good? What is the sense in bagging it up, if you have to continue to look at the bags of stuff pile up in the hallway or against a wall?

When you just bag it up and move it from one place to another, you are not dealing with the problem. Do you know what happens when it continues to stay in your home? The bags will find a way to open and the contents will make it’s way back into the mainstream of the clutter and chaos that you are trying to get rid of. Why do we do this to ourselves?

This happens because we procrastinate. Yes! We put off until tomorrow and that day never comes. Right away is the easy way. Get the bags out of the house and take it off.

Have you noticed that with the 27 Fling Boogie, you are required to take that bag or box to the car right then? Your home is not a dumping ground. Toss this stuff out one grocery bag at a time. It is so easy if you will just be consistent with taking it out of your home.

Some people that have found great joy in decluttering by ordering a Dumpster of their very own for a week or even a month. Just tell the neighbors you are renovating your home. After all you are making major changes. When you get this clutter out of your home, it is going to feel like you have moved into a new place.

If you can’t afford to get a dumpster, some people have rented a Uhaul truck or trailer for $20.00. They have filled it up and took the stuff to the landfill or to the thrift shop. You have to get it out of your home so you can move.

So quit tripping over your bagged up clutter and toss it out of your living space. This is the only way you are going to find the peace that you have been searching for. You cannot organize clutter it has to be evicted. You can get it out one bag at a time, our you can get serious about this quest and marathon clean with a dumpster. I have done it both ways.

When I first started decluttering, I gathered up one grocery bag a day and took it to the car. Every time I was out, I would drop it off at the Humane Society Thrift Store. Then the summer we were remodeling our home, we ordered a train car sized dumpster and filled it 3 times. Now most of what went into it was debris from the construction, Robert and I did purge several tons from our basement. I almost hated to see the dumpster taken away. It had become a very effective tool in our decluttering process.

You have to get your mind ready to declutter your home. This excess stuff is weighing you down and keeping you from FLYing. STUFF is something that undermines family fun. Just look at what this clutter is doing to your children, husband and most of all to you.

You can’t find things in all the mess.
You feel guilty because of the mess.
You snap at your family when things are messy.
You are fussy with your husband and he with you.

Clutter thrives on unrest; this is why it is hard to get comfortable in a home that is piled full of stuff. Clutter loves to make you sick too, because then you will have less energy to pick up and put things where they really belong! IN THE TRASH!

Let go of this clutter and find out just how easy it is for you to maintain your home. Routines are a piece of cake with less stuff to put away. Your home becomes a joyful place to be, simply because you are surrounding yourself with only the things that you love and use.  It is up to you to get rid of this clutter and find yourself!

We need more trash cans instead of storage bins. Toss it out! You cannot organize clutter you can only get rid of it!

Don’t be afraid, you have hidden behind this clutter for too long now. Open the door and greet your public. I know you can FLY if you will just release the chain that is holding you down to the Earth.

Are you Ready to FLY without this weight!



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