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I Need Help with FlyWashing

I need to ask you about this because it has muddied the “Flywashing” you have been giving to me.

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A Superb Water Bottle

I take it everywhere now! It doesn’t leak or spray! So thank you for the superb water bottle! I can’t wait to order other products.

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My Calendar Makes Things Happen

Thank you for such a great calendar!! I realize there are hundreds out there from which to choose, but I will continue to get yours because IT WORKS!

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That is the best way to describe what I feel. I’m in the education industry and one of my strengths is the ability to teach teachers and students how to articulate their thoughts and feelings

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What is Stealing Your Time

We have lived our lives up until now thriving on procrastination.

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Can They Clean Eyeglasses?

I will hopefully be purchasing your Rags in a Bag soon. I had a quick question. I was wondering if they do a good job of cleaning eyeglasses?

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How Do I Wash My Purple Rags?

What kind of load should we throw the purple rags into?

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They Thanked Me

I recently purchased three water bottles. I can’t believe how quickly they arrived!

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New Use For Your Water Bottles

We’ve loved your water bottles for quite some time. They keep our water nice and cold despite the often oppressive Virginia heat and humidity.

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They Keep Amazing Me

I have to thank you all for the amazing stainless water bottles.

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