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Cocoons are Not Safe Places

One time we really struck a nerve when we asked you to declutter just one cookbook.

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I Am A Calendar Freak

I have a confession… I’m a calendar-freak. I have a love-hate relationship with my calendar.

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Less Dread

Suffice to say my sister eventually told me about

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How Do You Use a Feather Duster?

I’ve written before and this may be a silly question, but I have been wanting to buy the dusters for sometime, but am limited on my budget.

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Through a Child’s Eyes

Christmas Eve is finally here! I want you to try something new this year. When you wake up in the morning; I want you to see the day through a child’s eyes.

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When Perfectionism Rules the Roost

There are times when our husbands get frustrated and use FlyLady’s words against us. I know occasionally Robert will point an accusing finger and say “Hot Spot!” but I know he is doing it in jest and not in an ugly manner.

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Ready and Prepared

I had to write in as I owe you a big thank you.

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The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

Don’t you just hate waking up with a bad dream stuck in your brain? Sometimes the only way to get rid of it is to discuss it with your friends. This morning I had one of those dreams.

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Making New Memories

You know that we cannot change the way we were raised. We may have been sheltered in our childhood or we might have been to the school of hard knocks. Either way all we can do is accept it and get on with the living of our lives.

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The Unexpected Benefits of Flying

I have a big surprise waiting for you the next time you go shopping, junk store hopping, or even Yard sailing(I didn’t spell this wrong).

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