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How Do I Do The Rest?

I feel overwhelmed. I do the shoes, dress to shoes, declutter 15 min a day, do the missions.

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Are You Keeping Your Family in the Dark

Are you bombarded by the same questions every day? You know the ones!

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Let’s Have a Calendar Party

At the party, we first had to sign five numbered index cards.

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Your Amazing Calendar

I thought you might appreciate my 5 year-old-DD’s comment about your amazing calendar.

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Don’t Take Your Love For Granted

Friday as always is Date Night. Some of you are skipping this part of our Basic Weekly Plan because you don’t know how to date anymore.

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I Saw It With My Own Eyes

I just want to tell you about something I witnessed this morning.

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Calendar Greatness

I have been buying calendars for a few years.

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Love My Calendar

I absolutely LOVE my calendar!!

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Storms of Life

The storm is a brewing and it is not in the Caribbean; it is in your head.

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Using My Calendar to Full Advantage

I’m 4 weeks into FLYLADY, and I’ve been able to take and stick to many of my babysteps.

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