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January Habit #13 You Are Not Behind

I have just a half story of my shiny sink, because i have

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Using My Calendar to Full Advantage

I’m 4 weeks into FLYLADY, and I’ve been able to take and stick to many of my babysteps.

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Easy Menu Planning

I too am a calendar convert, and wanted to pass on a technique I use for menu planning.

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Our Calendar is the Center of our World

So much of what I’ve learned from you has had a huge impact on my family’s happiness, but your calendar is one of the biggest.

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January Habit #4 Shine That Sink

I should start off by saying I absolutely LOVE you, your site & your information. I am a stay-at-home mom/wife. So I use your emails/site, etc. as m

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I Saw the Light with a Color Coded Calendar

I have been using your calendar for a few years now and it really changed how I looked at my week!

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Why Not Update for the Techy Kids

I got this message today but I disagreed with this FlyBaby and here is why!

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Tracking 5 Generations with One Calendar

The calendar is great! I have used it for a number of years.

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I Need Help with FlyWashing

I need to ask you about this because it has muddied the “Flywashing” you have been giving to me.

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Calendars Are For Babies

As a mom to 2 dear beautiful daughters under 2, I want to shout another GREAT use for your calendar.

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