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I Need Help with Menu Planning

I need help with Menu Planning on My Calendar!

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This Week We are in the Kitchen

Most of the time we are in a mad dash to get dinner from the car to the table

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Waiting to Get Started?

In many of your messages I have noticed that you can’t wait to get our calendar, duster, book, and timer so you can get started.

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Can’t Do Without Your Calendar

I just put in my order for two of your calendars. I’ve been ordering mine since you first offered them, and when we re-did our kitchen, I made sure there was a place just for the calendar!

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Calming the Chaos

I have been studying the list of stressors and what I am finding is that building your routines and a basic weekly plan will help a long way in getting rid of some of these problems that we create for ourselves.

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I Saw the Light with a Color Coded Calendar

I have been using your calendar for a few years now and it really changed how I looked at my week!

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How Big Are the Calendar Squares?

I was wondering what the inside of the calendar looked like.

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I Love Looking at My Calendar Now!

I want to tell you that I think you are a mind reader.

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January Habit #13 You Are Not Behind

I have just a half story of my shiny sink, because i have

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Using My Calendar to Full Advantage

I’m 4 weeks into FLYLADY, and I’ve been able to take and stick to many of my babysteps.

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