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Spoiled By The FlyLady Calendar

I just have to share. I have purchased my FlyLady calendar regularly the past several years

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My Calendar is Colorful and Efficient

As we are getting Back to Basics, I thought I’d share my calendar.

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Your Top 10 Tips for Chaos Reduction

Can you please resend the list you wrote about your top 10 tips for reducing chaos.

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Are You Calendar Challenged?

Did you know that most sidetracked people are calendar challenged?

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How Big Are the Calendar Squares?

I was wondering what the inside of the calendar looked like.

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A Wonderful New Use for Our Calendar

Recently, two of my kids got strep throat within a few days of each other.

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My Favorite Thing

My current favorite thing about my FlyLady calendar is that I have TWO for the holiday season! My 2016 calendar (that ends in December) moved next to my desk when my 2017 calendar (that started in August 2016) arrived.

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Retired and Needing The Calendar

My husband and I are both retired and have discovered we need a calendar MORE now than when we both worked.

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My Family Wants A Calendar

My family has used your AMAZING calendar for over 10 years.

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I Jumped In Today

Your reminder about needing to check our calendars hit home with me today.

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