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What is the Deal with Weekly Home Blessing?

I can’t seem to figure out the Weekly Home Blessing. What’s the deal?

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Help Me With Weekly Home Blessing

I am confused. I have been working on my routines but I can’t seem to figure out what Weekly Home Blessing is.

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I Can’t Seem to Fit Weekly Home Blessing into My Schedule

What is your suggestion for those because of scheduling, can’t fit in the hour weekly home blessing plus Zone cleaning?

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How I Bless My Home. Just the Facts.

Today is my Weekly Home Blessing Hour. Yes I only spend one hour, blessing our home. If the truth be told, I only spend 10 minutes a blessing. When the timer goes off, I stop what I am doing and start on the next blessing.

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What am I Doing Wrong?

Thanks so much for helping me keep my housework under control! I do have a question or two:

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What Is Weekly Home Blessing Hour?

What is the one hour list where we do certain things for 10 minutes?

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Detailed Cleaning Lists Explained Well

My question is how to use the detailed cleaning lists. I am just not sure when those things should be incorporated into my routines.

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Ask FlyLady: I Work 40 Hours Outside My Home

I can’t seem to find enough hours in my week to do a Weekly Home Blessing. I need help.

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Can You Help Me?

I’m having trouble moving ahead with decluttering and missions though.

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Playing Catch Up on Saturday

I can’t seem to free up my Saturday for Family Fun Day. Old habits die hard

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